[Music Video] Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good Remix (featuring Justin Timberlake)

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The latest Jeep commercial uses this song and I’m sure I’ll be hearing it so many times while I watch the NBA playoffs that I’ll probably get tired of it. Just kidding, how can you get tired of listened to the King of Pop?

So have you heard XSCAPE yet? The compilation features 8 unreleased MJ tracks, the originals (I actually prefer them over the new mixes), and a remix featuring Justin Timberlake. The album is groovy!

I’m really digging this joint Chicago produced by Timbaland:

Listen to the entire album on Spotify


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Ronnie Radke releases another song from his mixtape, Asshole featuring Andy Biersack

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Photo Credit: BrionPhoto.com Photo Credit: BrionPhoto.com

Here we are at the half way mark for songs mark released  from Ronnie Radke’s Mixtape. Today he released his track no. 1 Asshole featuring Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. You can check it out  here:

Today was the perfect day to release Asshole as it has a great intro dealing with all the spin that media put on Ronnie’s past, regardless if they are true or not. It seems that many outlets always rush to report the news in such a negative manner well today was a great day for Ronnie because justice was served! Ronnie appeared in court today to deal with the charges of domestic assault to Sally Watts, (Ronnie’s former girlfriend). We are happy to say that the situation has been resolved and charges HAVE BEEN dropped against Ronnie even though Sally took to twitter to dispute it.

Ronnie Radke’s Mixtape…

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Starting Fresh

Happy Spring Break

Specialty Video Products

Welcome to the SVP excursion into social media! We’re so glad you’re here to join us in this journey. We want to use these social platforms to simply stay up-to-date with our customers and friends. Don’t want to buy anything from us? That’s okay because we’re not here to sell. We love what we do and the industry we get to serve, so we are thrilled at any opportunity to chat with others in our industry!

We should probably introduce ourselves. You may know us as D-Co., as that was our name for 20 years, but we’ve recently changed that to Specialty Video Products (SVP) to better represent our products and services. D-Co was founded in 1993 by Michael Drzymkowski in his tiny two car garage and expanded within the year. The company gained popularity in the broadcast industry throughout the 90’s by offering turnkey software that would allow broadcaster to…

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol XIII Top 3 Performance Show



20140514-181433.jpg Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com

I will not be contributing a Vocal Masterclass article for the remaining two shows of American Idol Season XIII. I am honestly just too busy this season and need every free moment to either deal with real life and/or relax.

Also, I feel I have said everything I could possibly say to these singers. The rest is up to them and their coaches.

I also hope beyond hope that the singers can perform original material before this season says sayonara.

However, expect to see some sort of commentary about this show over the next couple of weeks. You know me – I can’t stay quiet for too long.

And I look forward to gaining input from the MCL Community. Your insight and commentary is invaluable to MasterclassLady.Com, as we learn from each other.

The Performance Show airs on Wednesday, May 14th on Fox at 8:00 PM, followed…

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