Pedophiles, that likes the boys should be put in womens prison

Lateresa A. Jones

Gordon Stuckless, Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuser, pleads guilty to 100 new charges

All over the country Judges are sentencing MEN & WOMEN to sexual abuse charges. Fairly we must make sure the victims that has been victimized by families, by court systems and police are obtaining the help they need to heal. I say it’s about time America is dealing with the monsters in the closet, at the ball game, at church, under the bed, in the bed all around us.

Now, America do you understand why so many people would be confused by their own sexual orientation?

Lifting Up the people who has never received the justification of HELP from America and/or around the country.

Blessings, you can heal, keep talking about it, regardless of who the abuser is or who tells you to shut up.


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