Ronnie Radke releases another song from his mixtape, Asshole featuring Andy Biersack

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    Here we are at the half way mark for songs mark released  from Ronnie Radke’s Mixtape. Today he released his track no. 1 Asshole featuring Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides. You can check it out  here:

    Today was the perfect day to release Asshole as it has a great intro dealing with all the spin that media put on Ronnie’s past, regardless if they are true or not. It seems that many outlets always rush to report the news in such a negative manner well today was a great day for Ronnie because justice was served! Ronnie appeared in court today to deal with the charges of domestic assault to Sally Watts, (Ronnie’s former girlfriend). We are happy to say that the situation has been resolved and charges HAVE BEEN dropped against Ronnie even though Sally took to twitter to dispute it.

    Ronnie Radke’s Mixtape…

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