Pittsburgh, Penguins to announce tentative agreement on Lower Hill development

Connected: Pittsburgh Penguins

Hill District community groups have reached a tentative agreement with the Pittsburgh Penguins that will kickstart a $500 million development of the former Civic Arena site, officials said on Tuesday.

City officials and the Penguins released details during a news conference in Mayor Bill Peduto’s conference room.

This article was written by Bob Bauder, a staff writer for Channel 11’s news exchange partners at TribLIVE.

“We have an agreement in principle subject to legal review,” said Marimba Milliones, executive director of the Hill Community Development Group, which chaired a consortium of neighborhood organizations negotiating with the Penguins.

But not all residents are on board, according to Carl Redwood, who heads the Hill District Consensus Group. Redwood called the agreement a “backroom deal.”

“The deal has not been shared with the community,” he said.

Plans for offices, stores and homes on the 28-acre site can move forward after lawyers from all…

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